"New York City, the City of dreams, solidarity, velocity, and grand opportunities, where people go to seek something better to accomplish their personal success. It is where one boldly withstands the unimaginable hustle and bustle pace, the loneliness, the competitiveness, and the constant change. At times, it may seem as if the energy of The City can both destroy and fulfill you at any second of the day, it can if you allow it to, but with our guidance and help you can manage it.”
Relocating to New York City or Barcelona, Spain? We can help you with arrangements and living services to relocate.
Take a private tour with a New York City Licensed tour guide and learn what makes New York City so dynamic. We assure you that our tours guides are the best in the business to make your time in New York City a well-spent experience to learn the secrets and history of New York City.
We offer destination & event concierge services to people whom both live, visit, and relocate to New York City. Instead of making many calls make one. 
​​NYC STAR HOSPITALITIES is designed to be the ultimate stress reliever by helping you reclaim the one thing that you do not have enough of; Time!
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​All to help you create, plan, and perform a NYC travel itinerary and special events in New York City. NYC STAR HOSPITALITIES takes care of all the details when you do not have time to take care of them yourself. Instead of making many phone calls, just make one.

-Inspired by E.B. White's "Here is New York"
We can help you plan your special event: fundraiser, festivals, parties, engagements, weddings and funerals by finding and getting the necessaries that you would need for your event to be successful.








Destination & Concierge Services New York City

NYC STAR HOSPITALITIES strives to offer outstanding professional services.
Our mission is to share our knowledge of The City in order for our clients to learn, access, and manage The City. But most importantly we want to provide our clients Time; so that they can “live like a Star.” We are dedicated to give honest
high-quality services to meet our client’s satisfaction. We will not recommend any venues, attractions, and/or services without us experiencing or reviewing it ourselves. 

We have extensive knowledge and resources to help you with:







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Trust us native New Yorkers who have the resources to help you create, plan, and implement an unforgettable visit to New York City not as a tourist, but as a local. This service is great for New Yorkers with
out-of-town guests too.