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Nya Bowman is the creator of NYC STAR HOSPITALITIES. A native New Yorker from the Lower East Side, primarily a professional concert dancer, teacher, and actress, who began her New York City tourism & hospitality career as a tour guide on top of the New York City double decker buses after rehearsals, company dance classes, and auditions. It was the perfect opportunity to continue to educate, learn more about New York City, and New York City’s tourism & hospitality. She currently lives in New York City and Barcelona.

Nya runs NYC STAR HOSPITALITIES with her sister Sheena Bowman and her husband Tony Veiga.

Sheena owns a small childcare nanny business that helps overwhelmed young professional families in New York City.

Tony is a native of Barcelona, Spain and a Creative Art Director.

We are dedicated in providing the most essential information and connections that help both New Yorkers and Visitors to effectively save time and get what they need. We recognize at times it may seem as if the energy of The City can be overwhelming and intimidating.

Our destination and event concierge company is a professional service that has extensive knowledge and resources to create a travel itinerary that includes  New York City tour packages. We can help you find the best New York City tours, transportation chartering services, ticket accommodations, activities and excursions. A destination company takes care of all the details when you do not have time to take care of them yourself. 


consierge services new york city